Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kid Cudi & OnCue

Yo! Whatsup? I haven't  posted any thing in awhile but I've wanted to write about two rap artist that I'm really into. These artists are Kid Cudi & OnCue. The c.d.'s are Cant Wait by OnCue & Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi. Now musically these guys are alot alike. But in the
music industry these two guys are on two different spectrums. OnCue is as underground as it gets and Kid Cudi is not. Doesn't matter though. These two rappers on these two c.d's that I mentioned are on top of their game. Both these c.d.'s should have sold Platinum unfortunately only one did. Now I say this alot but I'ma going to say it again these c.d.'s are classic if I was stranded on a desert island these would be the only two rap c.d. I'd ever need. Word! By the way OnCue has alot of mixtapes that you should check out and download. Their free so why not?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beastie Boys

Growing up in my small town every white kid that was into rap wanted to be a beastie boy. Who I wanted to be most was Ad Rock. Probably because I knew I could never sound like MCA. In a matter of fact no white rapper has ever sounded like him. To many M.C.s' sound the same. But MCAs' voice much like Easy-E voice was very unique. Plus back in the day MCA was a bad ass rapper. I was very sad to hear he passed away of cancer. Im also sad that their will be no more beastie. Through out the years I have had many good times listen to the Beastie Boys. I got to see them live in 2004. They kicked ass. Adam Yauch will be missed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Die Antwoord

(The Answer) S.O.S I was listen to joe rogen pod cast and there it was the fucken answer to the question I was asking myself. Is there any orginal hip hop out there anymore? And die antwoord is yes. These guys fucken blow me away. The beats are tight. Musicly this c.d. is tight. D.J.Hi-Tech, Ninja and Yolandie are tight with the beats and the raps. Yolandie has mad skills on the mic and I heard theirs a solo c.d. coming(Nnnice). Ninja as an m.c. flow well but it does take a little time to get use to his accent. I also like that on some songs they switch back and forth in their native language. When I heard this c.d. (S.O.S) for the first time I knew it was a classic. True hip hop lives and its world wide I think KRS One said that like 20 yrs ago as if he could see the future. In the past few months this has become one of my all time favorits.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lords of Acid

Pulled out Lords of Acid(Voodoo -U) from the old c.d. collection and blow off the dust from it. I was having a couple of drinks and playing some pool. So I pop it into the c.d. player. I haven't listen to it in a long time. Its a great c.d. Not every song is great. But this c.d. was definitely ahead of its time and a must have. I guess there is a stripped down version of this c.d. now with out the vocals. I'm telling you this c.d. could have been released this year you wouldn't know it's 16 years old. The c.d. cover is crazy. One of the best covers ever. If your into Hardcore techno you should check it out. They have other c.d.'s with totally different sounds but this one is their best.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

LL Cool J

What can I say I'm a big fan of LL Cool J. I own all his c.d.'s and as far as I'm concerned he has 3 classic c.d.'s a must have for any c.d. collection. They are Bigger & Deffer also know as (BAD), Mamma said Knock you out, and his last c.d. Exit 13. Now I got to say after his last two c.d.'s I was done with LL even though I'm a fan. Cause after awhile as a fan you still like an artist but you stop buying his shit. Well let me tell you why I gave LL one more try. I was reading a Rolling Stone article last spring (09) about Eminem and in that article they ask Em what he was listening to and he said LL Cool J new c.d. and I was like what? So when I went to buy Em 's new c.d. I also pick up LL's c.d. Exit 13. Well of course I bumped Em's c.d first (Relapse). Well let me tell you after 5 years away I was disappointed. But I'll get in to that some other time. Let me get back to LL I pop in Exit 13 and was blow away I bump that c.d loud for about 9 months I just put it away a few months ago I love every song on it. I know its been out for awhile but who cares go out and buy it. You won't be sorry. I wonder if anybody else bought Exit 13 because of Em. Thanks Em.

Thursday, June 25, 2009